Accessories are the main ingredient for men’s personality. There are a lot of accessories for men like; belts, cuff-links, wallets, ties etc. There are some tips that how perfectly used accessories for your personality.
  • Similar Your Belt to Your Shoes: 

    This one’s a common rule that you might previously know. Leathers should always match leathers, so if your shoes are black, your belt should be black, and in the same case as brown.

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  • Equivalent Your Metals:  Keep your metals in the same clan. A belt with a silver belt buckle should be modeled with a silver watch. Choosing a single metal to wear at a time retains your look superior and organized.

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  • Select Your Colors Carefully: 

    Color what you wear speaks about your personality and taste. Select all black accessories when you want to look sharp & talk business, on the other hand dark & white for weekend. Select a color and it’s your logo personality which color you wear.

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  • Matching Your Leather Wallet To Your Belt: 

    A gentleman wants a leather wallet. Leather wallet is for long run and durable. Matching your leather wallet to your belt. Formal belts are made of leather and are cleaner with simple, four-sided or square buckles, while casual belts are dense and can be made of cloth. Wear a leather belt for your business meeting and fit to your outfit.

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  • Matching Your Tie:

    Your tie is a logo of your personality. To select a tie it should not be difference from your shirt color. The best tie is one which is matched with your shirt color. Lastly, tie knot is very important whether you use Dimple/Windsor knot, Pratt knot etc.

Your choice of accessories exposes your personality and increases the right amount of flair to your look. Accessories that are matched smartly with your clothing will help you plan superiority and confidence, no matter what condition you find yourself in. It’s all about to create your own unique personality.